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ABCD On Line / Winisis On Line

ABCD On Line / Winisis On Line is a project developed by a task force of web designers and librarians in order to assist the worldwide CDS-ISIS community to publish their databases on Internet with no cost. Our main objective is to deliver state-of-the-art Internet technologies to libraries and organizations that do not have the resources to publish their CDS/ISIS databases on their own Internet servers.


If you are part of a library using CDS-ISIS databases (ie. Winisis, ABCD, IsisMarc) we invite you to contact us and we'll assist on the publication of your CDS-ISIS databases free of charge. We look forward to working with your library!

Database List

You may navigate and search in a list of more than 100 databases already published at ABCD On Line / Winisis On Line. Your library may join our community immediately and at no cost just by contacting We look forward to working with your library soon!

Live Demo ABCD

To discover the advantages of this exclusive application, we invite you to access the online Live Demo version: Live Demo ABCD

ABCD On Line / Winisis On Line features

- It requires no extra learning process. The framework works in ISIS format and the interface is similar to Winisis application. - The bibliographic record can be loaded online and will be immediately available in the search module. - The load and search is available to any computer connected to the Internet worldwide. - It does not require any locally installed application. Just any Internet browser. - Support of all mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

ABCD On Line / Winisis On Line

Listado de bases de datos

Live Demo ABCD

ABCD On Line / Winisis On Line es un exclusivo portal de Internet que tiene como principal objetivo acercar las más modernas tecnologías de Internet a organizaciones que no cuenten con los recursos necesarios para acceder a la publicación de sus catálogos en sus propios servidores de Internet.

ABCD On Line / Winisis On Line brinda la posibilidad de publicar las bases de datos en el formato CDS-ISIS que utilicen en su red local, poniéndolas a disposición de cualquier usuario que se encuentre conectado vía Internet.

Si usted forma parte de una biblioteca, envíenos su consulta y nosotros le brindaremos el asesoramiento necesario para la publicación on line de sus bases de datos sin cargo.