Winisis On Line – Introduction

Winisis On Line is an online publication service free of charge for libraries and organizations using databases in UNESCO CDS-ISIS format.

¿What are the services provided by Winisis On Line?

Winisis On Line is a project designed by web developers and librarians in order to help the worldwide CDS-ISIS community to publish their databases on Internet. Our main objective is to deliver state-of-the-art Internet technologies to organizations that do not have the resources to publish their CDS/ISIS databases on their own Internet servers. Winisis On Line provides the ability to publish the databases in UNESCO CDS-ISIS format you are using on your local network, making them available to any user connected to the Internet.

¿What is UNESCO CDS-ISIS format?

It is an international standard format for text databases developed by UNESCO with the main objective of bringing fast, flexible technology and zero-cost database tecnologies to underdeveloped countries with limited technological resources.
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¿What are the advantages of UNESCO CDS-ISIS format?

CDS / ISIS is a database format oriented to non-numerical structures with a search engine as fast and powerful as any commercial database. It also has very advanced indexing techniques, output formatting language and a wide variety of free distribution applications for an easier creation, management and maintenance of CDS-ISIS data.

¿What is CDS-ISIS used for?

Since its earlier versions (called ISIS in the ’60s), CDS-ISIS has proven to be an ideal solution for maintaining databases and multimedia text-oriented databases using very low cost hardware platforms. As it is developed and supported by UNESCO worldwide organization it has been distributed worldwide with special focus in underdeveloped countries with limited technological resources. So this standard became quickly adopted by thousands of government agencies and nonprofit organizations as their main databases for libraries and documentation centers. In Argentina, for example, it was implemented by large national libraries (Biblioteca Nacional, Biblioteca del Maestro, Biblioteca del Congreso, etc.), small public neighborhood libraries, many Judiciary offices and cientific non profit organizationgs. Even the National Congress used to maintain a database of historical archives using CDS-ISIS databases.

¿What is Winisis?

Winisis is the main application software for managing databases in CDS-ISIS format for the Windows environment. The latest version distributed by UNESCO is Winisis version 1.5.
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¿What are the advantages of UNESCO Winisis?

The development of the Windows version was the result of strategic devolpment policy decision aiming at maintening the leading role CDS/ISIS has played and is still playing on the international scene. Winisis assist in the creation, management and maintenance of CDS-ISIS data using a simple an user friendly interface.